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The Original Kennel

of Kingwood

Since 1979


For family pets boarded in the same run, we have Multiple Pet Discounts available. They all can move as freely as they wish with indoor/outdoor runs and playtimes included.  Our low rates don't change seasonally. We value your experience with us throughout the year.


No Charge For Departure Day

With Bath or Groom

(Except Sundays)

Charges begin the day your pet arrives and we have a check out time of 12:00 pm. For pets picked up after 12pm, you'll be charged for that day unless your pet receives grooming or bathing, then that day's boarding will not be charged. Prices include food if necessary, play-times, potty breaks, and administration of medications, except injections which are $15.  

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Your pet will always feel safe and secure, and never be intimidated by larger dogs with our solid kennel dividers and small mesh.  Your pet won't injure themselves or climb the fence.

Solid Dividers and Small Mesh

Your dogs will be safe and happy. A four foot high privacy wall separates each run, inside and out, so there is no fence fighting or cross contamination.  All kennels have ceramic tile floors so your pet stays free of infections and germs with our superior cleaning techniques. Regular Dog Kennels are 4' x 4' on the inside, 4' x 10' on the outside, and Large Dog Kennels are 6' x 4' on the inside, and 6' x 10' on the outside.

Trusted for the best care!

Cat will receive top treatment and living conditions by Shor-Line.  Your cat can enjoy either a single or double Cat Condo with separate feeding and litter areas.

Cat condos and dog suites

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Give your pet a great place to play and have fun


Sunday Pick Ups are charged for Sunday.

Minimum billing for holidays is 3 nights.

Regular Kennel Nightly Rates

  •  1st Pet -  $23.00

 •  2nd Pet - $15.00

 •  3rd Pet -  $12.00

Large Kennel Nightly Rates

  •  1st Pet -  $28.00

 •  2nd Pet - $15.00

 •  3rd Pet -  $12.00

Top Dog Suite Nightly Rates

  •  1st Pet -  $48.00

 •  2nd Pet - $18.00

 •  3 or more - $15.00 each

Cat Condos - Single Units

 •  1st Cat -  $20.00

 •  2nd Cat - $15.00

Cat Condos - Double Units

  •  1st 2 Cats -  $40.00

 •  3rd Cat    -   $15.00

Doggie Day Care (Two Large Play Areas)

  •  Full Day -  $20.00

 •  Half Day - $15.00

Diabetis Injections are $15.00 each.

See Reservations page for more details.

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The Original Kennel of Kingwood

623-A Lakeville Dr., Kingwood, TX 77339










Monday - Friday: 8:00am - Noon

                           2:00pm - 6:00pm

Saturday:             8:00 am until Noon

Sunday by Appointment Only: 5pm - 6pm

Sunday Pick Ups are charged for Sunday



Memorial Day

After Noon on Good Friday

Easter Sunday

4th of July

Thanksgiving Thursday

Friday after Thanksgiving

After Noon on Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

After Noon on New Year's Eve

New Years Day

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Our Top Dog Suites are the largest in the area and the only suites with private outdoor areas. TV and 24 hour access is standard with all suites.

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