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The Original Kennel

of Kingwood

Founded in 1979

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For family pets boarded in the same run, we have Multiple Pet Discounts. If you are leaving for an Extended Period, we offer graduated discounts for stays of 21 consecutive days or more. Police Officers. Fire Fighters, and Active duty Military get 10% discounts. All dogs receive indoor/outdoor runs and playtimes included. Our low rates don't change seasonally. We value your experience with us throughout the year.

Because we use solid walls between each run, your pet will always feel safe and secure, stay cleaner, and never be intimidated by larger dogs. Small wire mesh means your pet won't injure themselves or climb the fence.

Solid Dividers and Small Mesh

Since 1979 we have been keeping your pets safe and happy. In our Original Kennel a four foot high privacy wall separates each run, inside and out, so there is no fence fighting or cross contamination. All kennels have interior ceramic tile floors that are easy to clean so your pet stays free of infections and germs. Regular Dog Kennels are 4' x 4' on the inside and  4' x 10' on the outside, and Large Dog Kennels are 6' x 4' on the inside, and 6' x 10' on the outside.  Our Top Dog Suites are 8' x 8' inside and 8' X 10' outside.

Trusted for the best care!

Your cat will receive top treatment in Cat Condos by Shor-Line. Your cat can enjoy either a single or double Cat Condo with separate feeding and litter areas.

Cat condos and Top Cat Suites

Give your pet a great place to stay and play.  

We Groom all breeds six days a week

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No Boarding Charge For Departure Day With a Departure Bath or Groom

Except for Sunday departures.

Charges begin the day your pet arrives. We have a check out time of 12:00 pm. Pets picked up after 12pm, will be charged for that day unless the pet receives grooming or bathing the day of departure.

Our Top Cat Suite is 64 sq. ft. of comfort and luxary. They contain a multilevel cat tree for fun and exersize and

covered litter pans for

privacy.  It's size makes

it ideal for multiple cat

families.  You can even

keep your cat and dog in

the same room if they are

good friends.

The Top Cat Suite is centrally heated and

air conditioned.


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The Original Kennel of Kingwood

Top Dog Suites

Our Top Dog Suites are 144 sq. ft. of luxury boarding. They are the only indoor/outdoor suites in Kingwood. Each suite has beds, TV and a Web Cam so you can view your pet 24 hours a day from wherever you have internet access. The Suites are in their own building with their own central heat and air conditioning. The pets still receive free playtimes and personal attention.